Saturday, 15 December 2012


Students were taught to make enzyme for cleaning purpose. We used the left over fruits to make it. Students enjoy a lot!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Large-Scale Recycling Activity

We have large-scale recycling activity once in a month. Students and parents were encouraged to bring plastic bottles, newspapers, magazines, books, clothes, and etc to school for recycle purpose.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Building made of recycled plastic bottles Part II

(Pictures from internet)

There is not only ONE building made of recycled plastic bottles. There are more! From Argentina, New York City, Tokyo... ... and many more. 

Click on the link to have a look: 

Building made of recycled plastic bottles

Plastic bottles?!

A building?! 


What is this? a building made of recycled plastic bottles!

Want to know more? There is an article and a video. Click on the link below:

Fabrics from recycled plastic bottles

We always recycle plastic bottles. But what can we turn recycled plastic bottles into? The answer is fabrics. For example, bags, blankets, jackets, shirts, as well as jerseys! Let's watch the below video and see how they made it~

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Use energy saving light bulbs. It help to save the planet, as well as your house electricity bill. 

Say “NO” to plastic bags!

Bring your own shopping bags and refuse plastic bags. If you have plastic bags, reuse them. Or at least, use the biodegradable plastic bags. For example, parents and students are suggested to bring their own shopping bags when purchasing new books at school.